Story Test Workshop
The Come Back!

That is right, The Story Test Workshop is making a comeback. I will be continuing the series and will not let it die. Sorry for my absence but life happened and what can you do when life comes knocking at your door.

Expect a new episode within a week, plus a special surprise as well, my way of saying sorry for the long absence.

Scootaloo atually does have her own episode. If you look at the wiki the title is called "sleepless in ponyville. Scootaloo starts to have nightmares after she hears campfire stories." Just thought i should let you know. :3

Ya I know of this, but compared to a Apple Bloom having 4 episodes to herself and Sweetie Belle having 2 Scootaloo really has some catching up to do.

The 4th episode for my series is in, this time we review the new Crystal Empire season three opener. Lots to cover on this episode so grab a snack and enjoy the review.

Other than Trixie who we know is returning this season, is there anyone in particular who you would like to see return in a future episode? (P.S. If you recognize the name, I'm not out for your bits anymore).

I would love to see Scootaloo finally getting her own episode. Minus that a few other less known characters I reckon have great personality for an episode of their own. Such choices in my books are Sapphire Shores, more of Zecora would be nice, a full episode for Aloe and Lotus would make for a great Rarity episode, Fancy Pants and of course the CMC.

was their a pony you just fell in love with? Like, when they first introduced them you just said, "...I like her...(or him)" something like that? It dosent have to be one of the mane 6. It could be anyone. Mine was Rainbow. I love her never give up attitude and her loyalty towards her friends.

Pinkie did take my breath away, I always enjoy characters just like me. Look right in front of my eyes a crazy fun loving pink pony, perfect match for myself. The CMC also have a soft spot in my heart when I first saw them I kniw I would like them, and I still do. So looks like my first impressions stuck on me.

Episode Update!

Has been a while since my last episode, reasons being some of my own work and a holiday I’m in the middle of right now. With season 3 right around the corner and some more episodes nearly complete, you can expect about 1 episode or two a week. With weekly reviews of each episode going to be taking place over the course of season 3.

Next Fanalysis - Bon Bon

Next Character Analysis - Rarity

Next Story Analysis - Cutie Marks

Next Episode Review - Season 3 episodes 1 and 2 Special Crystal Empire

This is your chance to submit question, and have a chance to get your questioned aswered by me on the next STW episode. Or if you have other questions on anything pony, write me a question.

Could you please, please, please do a Fanalysis on Screwball?? She's my favorite!

Well if there is enough demand for it. Maybe later down the track, other more popular ones already lined up first. Bon Bon next with Vinyl, Lyra, Colgate, Dr Hooves and Depry to come plus a few more. Tell ya what if you couls drum up enough support, I just might do a little que jumping on it.

Well curretnly no fan content or questions to add??

Well I could use a few questions from you my loyal fans for upcoming episodes. We already know my next Fanalysis is on Bon Bon, and my next character review will be Rarity. So questions on these are encouraged, plus any other story related characters you might have.

Sorry for being so late on this promised episode, but life plus a few other things……. Err happened :D

Enjoy the Applejack review and any questions or feedback you might have please write me a question.

Present From Loopy!!

Since the Story Test Workshop is getting popular, and my Youtube account has now over 200 subscribers. I thought it time for a little present for my loyal viewers. So I’m planning two such things, a treat if you would. First will be a downloadable access to my music and picture archive which some of you have been asking after. The second will be a Q and A video done up to answer any questions you might have concerning the future of the Story Test Workshop. So go ahead and ask away, and I will be sure to pop an answer in my celebration video to come soon.